The renowned companies of the Indian Gold market, PP Jewellers and Orelia the Gold have come forward as a joint venture to constitute ORELIA REFINERS PRIVATE LIMITED (ORPL), a refinery to produce internationally certified quality of gold and silver. PP Jewellers is India's one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of hallmarked jewellery where Orelia The Gold has established its name with in short span of time in the realm of bullion and jewellery market. Today, ORPL is a new age establishment which aims to become the de-facto benchmark for the Indian market.

This venture has long sighted vision and professionally driven management to meet the most stringent regulatory standards of the precious metal industry. ORPL has an installed capacity to refine approximately 36 tonnes of gold ore and 58 tonnes of raw silver. ORPL is determined to deliver purified Gold/ Silver in form of gilt-edged bars and coins to clientele.

The ORPL range of services

  • Refining Services and Fabricating Precious Metal Products .
  • A complete range of gold & silver bars of all shapes, weights, purities and sizes.
  • Fully integrated bullion trading desk, which covers all financial and trading aspects of gold & silver for our customers
  • Complete production and delivery service: our in-house systems efficiently and securely manage stock orders, international & domestic logistics and metal accounting 24/7.

Behind Orelia Refiners Private Limited are a group of companies which are known as much for their excellence as much for the trust and loyalty they have earned from their customers.

PP Jewellers Group (PPJG), established in year 1980 by Mr.Kamal Kumar Gupta engaged into manufacturing, exports, wholesales and domestic sales of gold and diamond jewellery. The group has made a remarkable name in the Indian Gold Industry. The group enjoys brand equity in India and international market on account of more than 30-year-old heritage of the brand 'PPJ' and has been able to leverage its brand in the international markets also.
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Sant Ram Mangat Ram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd (SRMR) company is engaged into manufacturing and retail of diamond and gold jewellery since 1982. SRMR has manufactring facility at Ludhiana, Punjab which has VMC/CNC 12 Axis machines used for manufactring gold and diamond jewellery. The company has a remarkable name in Gold and Diamond Industry in Punjab region

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Orelia the Gold(OTG) is engaged into trading of gold bulions in the nothern part of India. OTG has a sale of approx 6.0 metric tones of gold bulions on annual basis. Firm is being promoted by Gaurav Pashan and Aditi Pashan, who take cares for all management/strategic decisions for the firm.

Our Mission
Orelia Refiners Private Limited aims to set new standards of excellence by providing complete refining and marketing solutions for the precious metal industry, thereby meeting customers' needs regionally as well as globally. We are committed to building and sustaining a culture of values, trust, transparency, shared responsibility and accountability.

Our Vision
ORPL foresees itself as the leading precious metal refinery in India with a focus on gold. The main objective of us is already defined that is to become a LBMA Good Delivery Refiner by 2018.

Our Values
Values are what defines an organisation, decides the DNA of the company. The values to which Orelia Refiners Private Limited has committed itself are:

  • Ownership and Integrity: We value all individuals regardless of background, experiences or race. We offer them the opportunity to grow to their full potential and to take responsibility for their tasks. We operate in a complete transparent and ethical way so as to maintain integrity of all of us.
  • Health and Safety : Safety is of paramount importance and cannot be compromised. We therefore encourage all employees to participate and take responsibility for improving safety standards, sustain good health as well as to pursue only environmental affable methods.
  • Sustainability: We understand that sustainability of business and that of resources go hand in hand. We certain our enduring commitment towards the well being of every stakeholder.
  • People: ORPL believes that an organisation is a collective of people. As individuals develop, so does the organisation. To this end, the company has dedicated itself to empower people through skill development, accountability and even a fair sharing of risk and rewards.

Clarity of vision, foresight, and complete understanding of the business. The ORPL management brings together people who have already tried and tested in the gold and bullion industry.

India has a long and special relationship with gold. From weddings to religious festivals, gold jewellery has a strong cultural relevance and its role in traditional Indian life dates back for centuries. However, gold is not just viewed as an adornment. For many people, gold is equally viewed as a safe, secure investment; a unique way to preserve their wealth.

Gold makes a valuable contribution to Indian economic growth as well. It is estimated that at least 2.5 million people are employed by the gold industry. Gold also plays a central role in the Indian gems and jewellery export market, one of the fastest growing industries in the country and a leading foreign exchange earner. In fiscal year 2013, gems and jewellery constituted 15 per cent of India's total exports and the value of gold items alone was more than $18 billion. The Gems and jewellery sector is contributing around 6-7 per cent of the country's GDP. One of the fastest growing sectors, it is extremely export oriented and labour intensive

Demand for gold in India is interwoven with culture, tradition, the desire for beauty and the desire for financial protection. The drivers of gold supply and demand in India and assess the genuine economic contribution that gold makes to the Indian economy. Over the past five years, annual demand has averaged 895 tonnes, equivalent to 26 per cent of total physical demand worldwide. For many years the most avid purchaser of gold in the world, India remains one of the leading markets for gold globally today. However, as India has little domestic supply of gold, demand is primarily satisfied by imports. India has minimal domestic production, with mined gold volumes of just two tonnes in 2013.
In many countries where mined production is low, recycled gold makes a meaningful contribution to supply. In India this has rarely been the case. The domestic gems and jewellery industry had a market size of US$ 40.45 billion in 2013, and has the potential to grow to US$ 80.59-85.43 billion by 2018, according to a study by a leading industry body and the country's gems and jewellery market could double in the next five years. The growth will be driven by a healthy business environment and the government's investor friendly policies. India is deemed to be the hub of the global jewellery market because of its low costs and availability of high-skilled labour.

Indian Precious Metals Refining Industry
Presently there are approx 16-19 refiners in the Indian Gold Refining Industry, out of which there is only one LBMA approved delivery refinery. Indian Refinery Industry is refining pure gold to the tune of approx 17-18 tonnes on monthly basis. This industry has huge potential of growth as India has demand of approx 80 tonnes of Gold on monthly basis and presently only 17-18 tonnes of gold is being refined in India.