One of our primary foundational principles is that integrity is essential for long term success. Abiding by this principle, we respect the interest of people associated with us like our employees, clients, suppliers and our society as well. We are committed to identifying and managing/avoiding any conflicts of interest in our business dealings. To make sure we live up to our name, we have policies and processes that avoid any reputational risks. Working along the lines of ethical values and professional standards, we believe in building the trust of all the parties associated with us.


We as a company take complete responsibility for our actions and honour our commitments not only towards our clients but towards our employees and suppliers as well. High-end ethical standards form the base of all our decisions and activities. The core purpose of our business is to identify and provide for our client’s needs in a proficient manner.


We pride ourselves in maintaining the confidentiality of any information entrusted with us. Be it clients’, suppliers’, or any other individuals’, we do not engage in the disclosure of any information unless explicitly authorized or unless required by law. The privacy of people and companies associated with us is treated with extreme care. Further, it is only the information that is required for us to function efficiently that is acquired and retained by us.


We are focused on being a proactive partner and treat our clients fairly and with due integrity. The rule of business is to gain a marginal profit. But for us the foundation of such gain is trust. All our practices are fair and within the boundaries of legal affairs. We practice a practical approach and only promise what we can deliver. We treat the complaints of suppliers/ customers immediately to ensure conformance of our high standards of service and excellence.


We make sure all our operations are in compliance with the relevant guidelines, policies, manual handbooks and professional practices with respect to our areas of responsibility. We make a diligent effort to implement the prescribed measures and approaches.



  1. Neither gain nor be part of, assist and facilitate any transactions arising from serious abuses such as inhuman and degrading practices, force and child labour, any forms of human rights violations and all forms of criminal activities.
    Immediately discontinue dealing with the suppliers where we identify a reasonable risk that their source are from linked, any party committing serious abuses as defined above.
  2. Not to tolerate any of the locally registered suppliers which directly or indirectly non – state armed groups through transaction such as extraction, transportation, trade, handling or export of minerals which includes or in any other form. It is also applicable to both non-state armed groups and its affiliates or any relation.
  3. Contribute and participate in promotion of Responsible Sourcing of Precious Metals to our suppliers by:
    1. Creating long term business association with the suppliers and strong relationship with the customers.
    2. Supporting our associates (suppliers, customers, employees and other third parties associated with the company on commercial terms) of precious metals to adhere to the provisions of this policy and encourage them to impart and convey the same to its staff and supply chain.
    3. Disseminating the precious metal guidance by local and international bodies which this policy was created as per the guidelines of OCED and LMBA.
  4. Not to offer, promise, give , demand ay bribes and will resist the solicitation of bribe to conceal or disguise the origin of precious metals to misrepresent taxes and royalties paid to Government.
  5. Play a part and contribute in elimination of money laundering and terrorist financing by creating robust management system to act in accordance with the standard of anti- money laundering and contributing Financing Terrorism. The company will take into the account the US rules and regulations.
  6. Ensure that effective Due Diligence on risk based approach is carried before starting any transaction and continuous monitoring to existing clients and suppliers to assess the level of risk and plan to mitigate the risk identified.
  7. Create and keep proper and adequate records of all precious metals transaction and activities that demonstrates the due diligence has been strictly followed.
  8. Train relevant staff and educate its employees, suppliers, clients through formal education, training or seminars and conferences with the provision of this policy and the responsible sourcing of precious metals and other International rules and regulations.